The John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA) is Curtin University’s flagship extracurricular leadership program. Through the JCLA program, you will have the opportunity to develop employability and leadership skills such as self-awareness, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, conflict and project management, public speaking, stakeholder and community participation, cultural awareness, evaluation Methodology, and more.

By becoming part of the JCLA program, you will build new networks, work with like-minded peers in interdisciplinary teams, and experience the rewarding satisfaction of giving back to the community.

Supported by the social change model of leadership development, participation in JCLA events takes place from February to October, which requires enthusiasm-the enthusiasm to make changes, make an impact and become a leader


Program Structure


JCLA Leadership Intensive

This three-day intensive course will be held in early February 2021. It will enhance your understanding of the social change model of leadership development, provide opportunities to cultivate self-awareness, and determine the personal advantages that can be brought to the team. You will learn how to improve team efficiency through group activities and challenges. In the process, you will explore your own values ​​and self-identity, and use the diversity of the team. You will understand various effective methods for problem solving, decision making, project planning and effective communication, which will enable success in delivering JCLA project outcomes.


Leadership development modules

Throughout the program, JCLA participants will undertake a combination of face-to-face and online professional development courses. You will build on your understanding of  project management, marketing and public relations, incident management, problem resolution, conflict management, social impact assessment, reporting and public speaking, all skills you can apply directly to your team projects.


Team projects

Working in teams, JCLA participants undertake a Curtin focused project between February and June, followed by a community-based project between July and October in partnership with selected not-for-profit or for-purpose organisations. This experience enables you to promote positive social change in the community while gaining real-world leadership experience to complement the development modules.


Time and energy

To fully participate and meet the program requirements, you will need about five hours of commitment each week. This includes participating in project team meetings and individual project tasks.


Project presentation event

JCLA project teams present their accomplishments and key learnings to an audience of industry leaders and academics from the corporate, government, social enterprise and not-for-profit sectors and members of the Curtin community.


Program Timeline


JCLA commences in February, concluding at the end of October of the same academic year.


Program Outcomes


On completion of the JCLA program, you will have had the opportunity to:

  • develop a clearer understanding of your values, strengths and areas for improvement
  • develop and demonstrate collaborative leadership with peers from various faculties
  • develop a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • effect positive social change in the community.
  • develop leadership skills that will enhance your employability and facilitate further opportunities for personaland professional development
  • receive recognition of your participation via Curtin Extra
  • become part of a strong Alumni network that continues to create positive change in the community


How to apply for JCLA


JCLA is open to Curtin undergraduates who have completed a minimum of 200 credit points, and all postgraduate Curtin students. Applicants are assessed on their:

  • commitment to social responsibility, community service and creating a positive social impact
  • ability to work effectively in a team and engage with a variety of stakeholders
  • resilience and adaptability
  • motivation to be part of the JCLA experience and how the experience will support growth towards achieving your future goals and aspirations
  • your commitment to life-long learning