After Hours is a diverse group of university students from various walks of life, chasing our passions in different spectrums of personal development. We believe that our community deserves more attention, growth, and a louder voice.


Our aim is to grow and expand this platform to provide opportunities and a place for talents to find themselves and their voices through pursuing their passion.  We also aim to educate the youth on what is going around the world as they transition from one phase of life to the next.


Sharing our own personal experiences as well as some of the realities of life that can’t be learned from textbooks; all in the hopes that our audience may make better informed decisions to be able to live their best lives in their process of self-discovery.


By joining the team or participating in After Hours’ projects we aim to provide a space where people can hone their skills and talent in a safe and nurturing environment while at the same time giving back to the community through content creation and development. Through this initiative our aim is to build a stronger community based on the creation of a network that embodies skill and talent sharing so that we may all grow together success personally and as a community.



  1. Receive official recognition of your participation through Curtin Extra Certificate.
  2. A chance to improve your employability, looks great on your résumé!
  3. Gain social and artistic networking opportunities with professionals in the areas of your interest.
  4. Be part of a diverse and motivated team.
  5. Learn about Content Creation and Marketing.
  6. Acquire Video Editing Skills.
  7. Learn about and be part of the Pre Production Process.
  8. Gain the skills of Photography and Film.



  1. To be part of the team you must be a Curtin Student who is committed and can dedicate time.
  2. To participate in any episode, segment, or project under After Hours; anyone can join. To participate be on the lookout for After Hours Casting Calls.

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