RTK Self Test Kit 2022

Covid-19 is a serious matter, get your RTK Test Kit at Curtin University.

Dear Students,

You will be given an RTK Test Kit before you are able to do physical classes, the RTK Test Kits will be given to all Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students!

Steps on obtaining the RTK Self Test Kit (2022) is by follow:

  1. Scan the QR Code that leads to the “RTK Self Test Kit” form
  2. Fill in the form with your CURTIN E-MAIL ADDRESS, and each form can only be filled ONCE.
  3. Then you will receive an email that will show the “Acknowledge Receipt”.
  4. Bring the email receipt and show it to your own faculty.
  5. The faculty will provide and give out the RTK Self Test Kit.

For further enquiries, please contact :

Faculty of Business
Email : fob@curtin.edu.my

Faculty of Engineering and Science
Email : foes.admin@curtin.edu.my

Faculty of Humanities and Health Sciences
Email : fohhs.admin@curtin.edu.my

Student Experience
Email : StudentExperience@curtin.edu.my