The ‘New Curtin Mentor Program’ is a program that connects new students with their fellow seniors of the same course, on guiding and helping the new students on adjusting to their first semester in Curtin University.


New students will get in touch with your mentors during your orientation period of your undergraduate degree or foundation. Regardless of your education or University background, they will help you by showing you the ins and outs of this University to help you get a good first start of your first semester. The best part is that the mentors are also students, so they personally understand your curiosities and how you feel when you first start in Curtin.


Your mentor will always keep in touch with you on your first semester. Each mentor will have their own small group of students under their care, so in addition, you will also have the opportunity to connect and get to know each other.


Ways a mentor can help:


As well as giving you tips about where to get the best (or cheapest) food around Miri, your mentor can guide you with:

  • navigating university systems (OASIS, timetabling, Blackboard)
  • university life and making friends
  • balancing your workload
  • how to submit assignments
  • referencing issues
  • finding your way around your campus, including your Library
  • where to find support for personal and study issues.


How to get a mentor:


If you’re an undergraduate or foundation student at Curtin University Malaysia, we will provide you with a student mentor. In most cases, you will get in touch with your mentor during the orientation period. Otherwise, you will hear from your mentor via email in the first few weeks of the semester.