Welcome to Curtin Volunteers Malaysia! We are a student-driven volunteering hub that works on creating positive impact and engagement on campus and around Miri and Malaysia. Our aim is to provide voluntary and leadership experience for students and alumni through event management, charity projects and being a hub for prospective parties looking for volunteers to help out in their events.


By becoming a CV Member in any capacity, you are automatically added to the Curtin Extra Program which is a certificate of recognition for your work with CV that’s awarded to you by the University! You also get the chance to propose an event idea that you can work on as part of your Curtin Volunteers career.


Why join?

Next to giving back to the community and challenging yourself at every turn, here are a few reasons to join CV;

  • Gain experience in event management to add to your resume
  • Network with other like-minded students and companies around Miri
  • You get a Curtin Extra Certificate when you graduate which can be used as work experience
  • Bring positive impact and change to your community
  • Be part of a very diverse and motivated crew
  • Develop your leadership, teamwork and communication skills along the way.


Who can join?

  • Any current Curtin Student can join


How to join:

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