Curtin Malaysia Clubs (Executive Committee)

Clubs at the Curtin Malaysia campus are run primarily by students to keep in line with interests of the student body and to provide opportunities for networking and growth. Through clubs, the University aims to develop and encourage student engagement. This program recognizes members of the Executive committee, comprising of student members that lead initiatives within each club. Curtin Malaysia Executive Committee are boards of clubs in Curtin Malaysia that is recognized by Curtin Extra. Curtin Extra is a Certificate that recognizes each student’s contribution towards the university or other organizations where its certificates are distributed by Curtin Australia. The student will receive the official Curtin Extra Certificate as part of the graduation documents issued under the authority of the Academic Registrar at Curtin University.

Curtin Extra is an approved program that focusses on building and developing students’ skills through 5 streams: Global Citizenship, Innovation and Enterprise, Leadership, Social Impact and Professional Development.

Listed below are the clubs under the Curtin Malaysia Executive Committee that is recognized by Curtin Extra:

  • Leo Club
  • Curtin Social Ambassadors Club
  • Institute of Marketing Curtin Malaysia branch
  • Institute of Material, Curtin Malaysia
  • IEEE Curtin Malaysia Student Branch
  • Curtin Entrepreneurship Club
  • American Chemical Society Student Chapter of Curtin Malaysia
  • Rotaract Club of Curtin Malaysia (RACCM)
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Curtin Malaysia Student Chapter


These clubs are recognized under Curtin Extra’s 5 streams mentioned above.



Curtin Extra Requirements

Curtin Extra is divided into 3 tiers, where each tier represents the amount of contribution each student makes.

Tier 1

  • 20+ hours approved within the participation period
  • Reflection activity (optional)

Tier 2

  • 35+ hours approved within the participation period*
  • Self-Awareness module
  • Four additional stream modules
  • Reflection activity

Tier 3

  • 70+ hours of active participation logged within the participation period*
  • Program completion
  • Reflection activity


Benefits of Joining Curtin Malaysia Executive Committee Include:

  • Curtin Extra Certificate from Curtin Australia
  • Looks good on your resume!
  • Official recognition from the Academic Registrar
  • Improved reputation
  • Validation and credibility of skills

Additional Information

Clubs within Curtin Malaysia that is not registered under Curtin Malaysia Clubs (Executive Committee) will not receive Curtin Extra nor official recognition. For details on Curtin Extra, please refer to :



Contact Us

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